Mommy, Daddy & Me (18 months - 3 years)
This is the best way to introduce your active toddler to gymnastics. The instructors are hands on during the 40 minutes of activity with mom or dad your child's side. We do tumbling, balancing, jumping, swinging and more. Our class is structured so your child learns to follow directions to gear up for Tumbling Tot class. (40 minute class)

Tumbling Tot (3 years - 4 years)
This 1 hour class is all instructors and children. The children learn all basic tumbling skills. We introduce them to the uneven bars, high balance beam, rings, cargo net and trampoline. Instructors are hands on with all children on each piece of equipment. This is the basis for the beginnings of strength, flexibility, balance and agility. (1 hour class)

Toddler Time (2 years - 4 years)
This program is the best of two worlds. It includes a one hour Tumbling Tot class, then snack time for socializing. The class continues with the alphabet and crafts to coincide with each letter we learn. We also learn about all the different Holidays & cultures. This program can be attended 1-3 days per week, you can choose the 2 hour or 2.5 hour class. (2 hour or 2.5 hour class)

Beginner Gymnast (5 years - 7 years)

This class is a more structured approach to fine tuning all the basic skills and moving on. Children will learn to put skills together on each piece of equipment. We really concentrate on strength & flexibility, the basis for moving onto the next level. (1 hour or 1.5 hour class)

Intermediate/Advanced Gymnast (8 years - 13 years)
This class is for the gymnast who wants to learn all there is about the sport in a non-competitive atmosphere. All instructors work each child individually to be the best that they can be. We can also make recommendations for the future of each gymnasts career. (1.5 hour class)

Summer Camp (Ages 2-4 / 5-7)
A Summer of gymnastics where students are split according to age so its easy to have siblings attend the same camp together. The first hour is all gymnastics. We will then have a healthy snack & juice break for your child.  After snack is digested, we move on to craft time.  We do theme weeks with the best age appropriate craft for that time.  The younger children move on to story time and the older children do skill work in the gym. We finish up with some "Bounce House" and parachute time. (3 hours)

Tumbling Clinic (5 years - 13 years)

Great class for cheerleaders & twirlers. Classes vary, call for more details.(3 hour class)